X-Ray Tomography

To determine 3D structures with high lateral resolution one can record a series of X-ray images with the sample mounted into a rotating stage. Each image represents the 2D projection of the structures at viewed at different rotation angles which can be reconstructed in the computer to give the full 3D information.  

Bio-nanotomography of Yeast Cells

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courtesy: C. Larabell and M. LeGros, LBNL and UC San Francsico

A new X-ray microscope focusing to X-ray tomography on cells is currently being set-up by the National Center for X-ray tomography at the ALS.

X-ray tomography of Cu interconnects

Rendered image after tomographic reconstruction of 50 images over 140 degrees
courtesy: G. Schneider, M.A.Meyer, G.Denbeaux et al; BESSY, Germany
[ Applied Physics Letters, 81(14), 2002 ]

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