DOE/Industry Energy Efficient Electronics and Computing Workshop

Date: July 18, 2017
Time: 7:30AM-9:00PM
Location: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,  1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley CA, Building 66 Auditorium (second floor)

Workshop description:
Following on a related workshop from March 2016, this second industry-focused workshop is being held with the goal of establishing the science and technology drivers for driving computing energy efficiency gains into the future. The Department of Energy's Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) is contemplating launching a National Network on Manufacturing Initiative (NNMI) on the broad area of advanced manufacturing as related to semiconductors and energy efficient electronics. The purpose of this workshop is to help AMO make the intellectual case for such an NNMI and to define potential high level research and development directions for such a NNMI. NNMIs are typically based on a strong public-private partnership model, with a significant fraction (50%) coming from private sector cost-share. The national labs are assisting DOE-AMO in formulating the focus of this possible NNMI through this workshop bringing together technology experts across the ecosystem ranging from tool and materials suppliers, through chip manufacturers, to system integrators as well as key players from academia. The desired outcome from the workshop is a report demonstrating strong industry support for such an NNMI and recommendations for operating structure and key research topics.

8:00am-9:40amSession 1: Motivation
8:00-8:40      DOE PerspectivesBill Harrod
8:40-9:10     DOE-AMO PerspectivesMark Johnson
9:10-9:40      SRC JUMP ProgramTodd Younkin
9:40am-10:00amCoffee Break
10:00am-12:40pmSession 2: Industry challenges in scaling and opportunities for public private partnerships
10:00-10:40      IntelGil Vandentop
10:40-11:20      Global FoundriesHarry Levinson
11:20-12:00      Applied MaterialsOm Nalamasu
12:00-12:40     IBMWilfried Haensch
1:00pm-4:00pmSession 3: Panel discussions
1:00-2:30Panel discussion 1: "Systems and architecture opportunities beyond lateral scaling" and working lunchRick McCormick (Moderator)
2:30-4:00Panel discussion 2: "Public Private Partnership Models"Celia Merzbacher (Moderator)
4:00pm-4:15pmCoffee Break
4:15pm-6:45pmIndustry recommendations
4:15-6:15     Working group 1Dan Armbrust (Moderator)
4:15-6:15     Working group 2Harry Levinson (Moderator)
4:15-6:15     Working group 3Eric Panning (Moderator)
6:15-6:45     Working group report outs
7:00pm-9:00pmWorking Dinner, review and discussion of breakout group recommendations

Registered attendees:
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