The Center for X-Ray Optics is a multi-disciplined research group within Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's (LBNL) Materials Sciences Division (MSD). Notice to users.

The Center for X-Ray Optics

The Center for X-Ray Optics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory works to further science and technology using short wavelength optical systems and techniques. We create and operate advanced experimental systems to address national needs, support research in material, life, and environmental science, and extend the forefront of semiconductor manufacturing.

"CXRO is a one-of-a-kind facility with over 25 years of experience providing short wavelength optical solutions. From instrument development to scientific discovery, our vertically integrated structure allows us to tackle a full spectrum of research."

Patrick Naulleau
CXRO Director

Photo of Patrick Naulleau, CXRO Staff Scientist

LBNL-DGIST Joint Institute for Microscopy

CXRO partners with Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST) to form the LBNL-DGIST Joint Institute for Microscopy. The joint institute will harness the power of soft-x-ray transmission microscopy in the characterization and development of emerging and hybrid materials offering multiple functionalities in the realm of energy science, electronics, and biological applications. This partnership will synergistically combine DGIST's strengths in hybrid materials synthesis with CXRO's strengths in nanoscale materials characterization.

LBNL-DGIST Joint Institute for Microscopy
LBNL-DGIST Joint Institute for Microscopy

Jung-Il Hong (DGIST), Yong Seung Kwon (DGIST), Steve Kevan (ALS), Peter Fischer (CXRO), Patrick Naulleau (CXRO), Mi-Young Im (CXRO and DGIST)

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